Pastor Paul Johnson

In the middle of his series on the Holy Spirit, Pastor Paul takes time out to encourage fathers and impart fatherly wisdom.

Pastor Alida Johnson

For Mother's Day, Pastor Alida shares with us from her experience as a mother.

Easter Sunday

Rescued. It’s a word we use for things that were once in a hopeless state that now are well and thriving. Are you “rescued”? Calvary Worship Center presents this original production, as we look at a rescue mission that is still saving people to this day.

Pastor Ben Estanislao

Description will be available soon.

Pastor Sean Reyes

In his first series at Calvary Worship Center, Pastor Sean talks about what the fear of God really means. He begins the series with a look at the beautiful balance of God's attributes.

Missionary Moses Choudary

Visiting us each April from the country of India, Missionary Moses Choudary and his lovely wife bring a refreshing word and the presence of the Lord along with an update on what God is doing in their home country.

Pastor Mark Thomas

Drawing from the main missional mandate of the church, Pastor Mark discusses the four main ingredients of a restored Christian life and what that looks like.

Pastor Kenny Clark

Following up on Pastor Paul's series about being committed to a local church, Pastor Kenny discusses the benefits of that commitment and the foundation it sets in place for your walk with the Lord.

Pastor Paul Johnson

This Sunday marks 22 years of ministry at Calvary Worship Center! Pastor Paul reflects on our history, puts the vision of restoration before us once again, renews the role of our elders, and makes a call for membership.

Pastor Paul Johnson

In his first series of the year, Pastor Paul's desire is to help all believers understand the importance of their role in the local church as well as the local church's role in their faith walk.

Pastor Natalie Tellez

Description coming soon.

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