Pastor Mark Thomas

Drawing from the main missional mandate of the church, Pastor Mark discusses the four main ingredients of a restored Christian life and what that looks like.

Pastor Kenny Clark

Following up on Pastor Paul's series about being committed to a local church, Pastor Kenny discusses the benefits of that commitment and the foundation it sets in place for your walk with the Lord.

Pastor Paul Johnson

This Sunday marks 22 years of ministry at Calvary Worship Center! Pastor Paul reflects on our history, puts the vision of restoration before us once again, renews the role of our elders, and makes a call for membership.

Pastor Paul Johnson

In his first series of the year, Pastor Paul's desire is to help all believers understand the importance of their role in the local church as well as the local church's role in their faith walk.

Pastor Natalie Tellez

Description coming soon.

Pastor Paul Johnson and Tony Lazar

As we begin another year of LifeGroups, Pastor Paul reminds us why LifeGroups are so valuable. Tony Lazar, our LifeGroup Director, shares his vision for the new year and issues a challenge to those who consider themselves #cwcpeople.

Pastor Kenny Clark

With scripture and illustrations, Pastor Kenny explains how doing life together as Christians is about serving each other. Listen today to find out why it is better to serve than to be served.

Pastor Sean Reyes

On the first day of the week, on the first day of the month, on the first day of the year, Pastor Sean blesses us with a message that will bring prosperity to God's people.

Christmas Program

We enjoyed an original re-telling of the Christmas story with kids and adults playing parts and singing praises! Listen today to relive the Christmas story again.

Dr. Jerry Williamson

We're delighted to present our special speaker for this Sunday, Dr. Jerry Williamson, President of Go To Nations. Dr. Williamson passionately and skillfully illustrates our victory in Jesus.

Pastor Paul Johnson

Why do we celebrate Christmas on December 25th? Why do we celebrate traditions like trees, gifts, and Santa? Pastor Paul looks at what Christmas really means to us as Christians and how we should celebrate.

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